Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Company: infragistics

Whatever complex data constitutes the "it" in your application, the xamDataPresenter control for Windows® Presentation Foundation (WPF) is your one stop solution with its pluggable view architecture. Field layouts and template support make easy work of showing the data fields you want, where and how you want them. When the situation calls for a hierarchical data grid in traditional tabular format you plug in its GridView for all the features of the Infragistics xamDataGrid control like sort and group by field, add, edit, and delete records, and bands of nested child data records.

Alternately, the xamDataPresenter accepts a CarouselView to take advantage of data records moving along an animated path, special visual effects that will enthrall your users, and all the features of the Infragistics xamDataCarouselTM control. What about the next phenomenal presentation format that doesn't exist, yet? Choose the xamDataPresenter control for its open and extensible view architecture to prepare your presentation today for the next great thing tomorrow.


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