Tuesday, October 9, 2007

XCEED DataGrid for WPF

Company: xceed.com

Demo (This demo requires Internet Explorer and .NET 3.0 or Vista)

  1. Not only the most poweful grid of its kind—with more features than any other offering—but also clearly the fastest, with a remarkably flexible and extensible object model, and reusable parts (datepicker / calendar control). Yet the standard version is absolutely free and fully functional! More than fills the void of the “missing” WPF grid: try it live here!
  2. Feature-rich! True lookless, 100% stylable and templatable WPF control; rich in-place editing; powerful grouping with UI virtualization; table and card views, with all Windows OS themes; a custom CollectionView for fine-grained control over the underlying data source; customizable group-level configurations with header and footer support.
  3. Outperforms anything else on the market! Can handle thousands and even hundreds of thousands of records at once.

1 comment:

loom said...

Hi there!

I'm not quite sure how you may state that the grid outperforms every other grid on the market.

Have you conducted any tests? If yes, can I see the results?

I'm working on these tests now and reckon that the grid is outperformed even by Infragistics WPF grid.